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Are you looking to discover your child’s capabilities and interests better?

Do you want to help your child with an all-round wholesome development for life?

To fulfill this wholesome development, it is essential to gauge, assess and diagnose the child on wholesome capabilities and essential domains such as their interests, areas of capabilities and performance abilities. We are aware that children learn better when groomed in a way that suits each one individually. Hence, it is essential to assess each one individually.

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Our Assessment

PRIDE assesses 5 essential domains of the child which is required to gain success in any endeavour,
These are:



Perceive including traits of visual, auditory, kinesthetic memory.



Reasoning including traits of thinking, analysis, problem solving.



Intrapersonal traits of evaluation principles, attitude, EQ qualities.



Deliver traits of linguistic skills (verbal and non verbal), modulation, choice of words/body language



Engage including traits of empathy, team work, leadership.

This NEP 2020 (National Education policy) compliant assessment is built around principles and theories in the field of early childhood development and cognition. It is the mother of all assessments where you not only find out about 5 different abilities but also get insights on how these abilities impact and affect each other.

The Process


The assessment is based on the framework created by eminent psychologists that can convey a clear idea of the learning patterns of the student using a series of scientifically formulated questions.

Allowing the child to identify his\her strengths and weakness will greatly help to choose and embrace a career path best suited for them, further boosting confidence to attain great success later in life!

PRIDE assessment helps us to know the different abilities the child possesses. Be it a dormant, dominant or preferred ability. Knowing the child’s usage of these abilities will enable parents to put them at the required pathway.

The questionnaire is quite applicative, life based and simulation based unlike typical psychometric questions built around IQ and aptitude. This helps assessing actual life like human processes such as thinking, sensing, analyzing, decision making, influencing and engaging.

Begin your child’s wholesome development journey with pride

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