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Television – A boon or a bane?

I don’t remember a time when TV was not a central unit of my household! It has been a medium of education and entertainment, a portal to joy and sorrow, a toy to keep us busy and a distraction from work. But above all, it has been a central member of our family. It’s that family member we go to when we are bored, when we get anxious, when we are tired and even for information sometimes – and that’s what makes it a necessary evil!


Homeschooling and Lockdown Education

Over the past few months teachers like myself have painstakingly experimented with the ’ZOOM CLASSROOM’, not for personal growth or any reason like that, but because COVID-19 has disrupted the world and the way we live. The 2020 Pandemic has brought our world to a screeching halt with our bedrooms becoming the office & our real offices deserted.